Ratings System

I would rather not use numeric values that have no meaningful metric upon which they’re based, so there were be no scales or stars here. Thumbs up/down limits me to declaring that I liked a movie or I didn’t while correspondingly being good or bad. Sometimes a movie just isn’t my thing. Some movies are so bad they’re good. So instead, I’m going to leave you with a simple token of reaction.


Movies marked with a green smiley face were well received. I came out with a feeling of appreciation that my money was well spent and the effort was well done. Sometimes I’ll rave about them. Other times, they’re merely enjoyable.


Movies marked with a red frowning face are abysmal. These movies failed to move me even to apathy and may have provoked my ridicule. In general, I find movies with this mark to be unforgivable or at least deeply flawed in a way I cannot move beyond.


Movies marked with the yellow, expressionless face are films that didn’t do much for me. They may be movies I simply didn’t get or it could be mired in absolute mediocrity; too good to be bad, but too bad to be great. Take it or leave it.