The Chaperone (2018)

TFW your 1980s crush is playing nanny to your 1920s crush…

An aging and restless orphan, Norma, finds an opportunity to seek out the family and life she never knew when she agrees to escort young (future star) Louise Brooks to study at a prestigious dance academy. While Louise dances by day, Norma follows a 40 year old paper trail to discover who she really is in this coming of middle-age tale.

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Scream (1996)

This captures the moments after the final script read through.

On the anniversary of her mother’s murder, Sidney receives a threatening phone call from an anonymous tormentor. Soon after, she’s attacked by a man in an off-the-shelf Halloween costume. The assailant carefully covers his tracks by leaving misleading clues that cast everyone Sidney knows as a suspect, at least until they too are picked off. Meanwhile, a local reporter believes she can exonerate the man convicted of killing Sidney’s mom if she can get the scoop on the real killer who appears to be back to finish what he started.

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Never Hike Alone (2017)

Why do these damned kids keep going into those woods?

Kyle McLeod is a popular YouTube personality who makes videos of his extreme hiking adventures. While filming his trip through the Wessex County National Forrest, an attempted shortcut visible via map leads him through the unmarked remains of the infamous Camp Crystal Lake. Kyle seizes the opportunity to document the area, drawing the ire of the camp’s lone inhabitant.

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